Makeup Monday: How to get soft dewy skin

Bring on the shimmer!

It’s hard for any girl to resist the urge of splurging a bit at the makeup store, if it means we’ll get free gifts with purchase! The alluring florescent lights illuminate new products on the shelf, and before we know it, our basket weighs 20 pounds all in an effort to get those free sample-size gifts. Recently, I made a beauty purchase where I was able to receive a full-sized free gift. Needless to say, I was beyond ecstatic! It came in a beautifully packaged box full of stuffing and was pink from top to bottom. The gift was from Benefit and uniquely called Girl Meets Pearl. I had never heard of this product before, but the metallic pink bottle made it hard to miss and even harder to pass up!

Now to put it plainly, I am a bit of makeup enthusiast, but I very rarely buy products beyond my basic necessities, unless it is for a specific special occasion. After only using this product for a few days it has now made a permanent home in my makeup bag. Adding the use of a highlighter to your wedding day makeup is a great idea for an upcoming summer wedding.

Now what Girl Meets Pearl does — or any highlighter for that matter — is add a soft, almost dewy-like glow to your skin. This crème highlighter can be added to the tops of your cheek bones or the apples of your cheeks to give a fresh, shimmery look. If you happen to be feeling slightly tired or experience natural dark circles below your eyes, simply add a small amount to the inner corner of your eyelid and blend down. This will make your eyes seem fresh and look like you got the best 8 hours of sleep in your life! Gravity can be unfair to our skin sometimes, but with the use of a highlighter you can instantly create look of youthful and more glowing looking skin.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest  

Girl Meets Pear retails for $30, but here is a list of other highlighters that can bring your skin from ordinary to extraordinary!

Bare Minerals Clear Radiance – $19


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Smashbox Artificial Light Luminizing Lotion – $27


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Stila All Over Shimmer Powder – $22


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Mary Kay Facial Highlighting Pen – $18

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 **Prices of products may vary due to stores and location.

Make Up Monday

These lips are make for kissing.

The color a woman chooses to wear on her lips can have just as much to say about how she feels as the words that come out of her mouth. Cute. Sassy. Confident. Sexy.

But before you can pick the perfect shade for your precious pout, there is one crucial step that most women seem to always overlook — exfoliating their lips. Your lips are made up of some of the most sensitive skin on your body, and just like anything else, they can get extremely dry. Our lips lack tiny but critical glands that keep the rest of our body’s skin naturally moisturized. Because of this, our saliva is its only natural way of receiving any moisture, and we all know that the technique of licking your lips only lasts so long before they feel unbearably chapped. Exfoliating your lips removes the dead and dry skin that would otherwise block the flow of moisture. By allowing new, younger, and more youthful skin to take its place, you can reduce the look of fine line and wrinkles. Plus, your lips will feel beyond silky smooth! Here are a few lip exfoliators that you should try.

e.l.f Studio Lip Exfoliator – $3

 Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Mary Kay Satin Lips Mask – $10

 Image Courtesy of Pinterest

BLISS Fabulips – $18

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Now that your lips have experienced the greatest scrub of their life, don’t forget to follow it up with a lip balm or moisturizer of some sort. The new layers of skin are going to need plenty of moisture to defend against drying out, especially in our famous Texas heat. Avoid any moisturizer with dyes or colors to reduce the risk of any unwanted irritation, and always make sure your lips are protected with at least SPF 15. These are some great options when finding the perfect lip moisturizer.

Vaseline – $3.99

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Beeswax Lip Balm – $3.30

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Vitamin E Oil Stick – $3.39

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Now, you’ll feel even more fabulous when you whip out your favorite lip stick. With luscious, kissable lips, anything is possible!

**Prices of products may vary due to stores and location.

Friday favorites: baby’s-breath

As I was scrolling through what seemed to be endless pages of wedding ideas on Pinterest, I began to think “what are brides looking for in spring and summer design?” Soft linens, pastel colors, and mason jars were scattered everywhere, but I kept asking myself, “What is it that makes them different from last year’s trends?” Unimpressed and uninspired, I returned back to square one of my thought process, determined to find something truly amazing! Instead of thinking that it had to be completely “new” to be exciting and fun this season, I turned it around. Let’s find something old and give it a twist!  Reinvention became my new key word! The forgotten details that may at times seem unimportant or overlooked are exactly what I fell in love with, and I hope it brings you inspiration with your wedding design. This week’s Friday Favorite is a simple and understated flower that we sometimes take for granted — baby’s-breath.

If you are planning on keeping your wedding light and airy, then I highly recommend using this flower. It can be transformed in a number of ways that can be made to fit your wedding style. A great advantage to using this flower over some of the more popular options is the price. Bundles of baby’s-breath can still be significantly less expensive than other spring and summer flowers such as chrysanthemums, orchids, hydrangeas, and tiger lilies. If you like the idea of using baby’s-breath as your main flower but are interested in adding pops of color then try searching for locally-grown flowers. This can still help you keep the cost down, while giving any floral arrangement of yours a fresh garden-like feel.

Here are a few great uses of baby’s-breath that are perfect to incorporate into any spring or summer wedding!

Baby’s-breath bouquet for bride or bridesmaids:

We love the idea of pairing your white gown with a bouquet full of this tiny, white flower. Have smaller bouquets made for your bridesmaids to create a cohesive look. Wrap in ribbon or burlap to give it an outdoor, country wedding feel.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Baby’s-breath boutonnieres:

Don’t leave the men out! Baby’s-breath boutonnieres are the perfect choice if your man isn’t looking for anything over the top. It will look great paired with a black suit, navy blue suit, seersucker suit, or even just a casual white collared shirt.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Baby’s-breath hair wreath:

Last year’s floral and greenery trends took center stage in hair wreaths. This year, brides are continuing the trend but with a simpler approach. It’s a perfect idea for your flower girls!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Baby’s-breath chandelier:

Personally, this was one of my favorite ideas! How absolutely romantic would this look in any space?

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Line the aisle in baby’s-breath:

Whether in mason jars or in small boxes at the end of each row, create an aisle with style that includes baby’s-breath! This is perfect for any outdoor wedding.


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 


Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Dress the cake in baby’s-breath:

If you are keeping your wedding cake on the simpler side, consider adding baby’s-breath for a little pop! What I love about this cake is the rough texture of the icing combined with the delicateness of the flowers. Very subtle and chic!


Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Friday Favorites: Convertible Dresses

If you have ever seen TLC’s Say Yes To The Dress: Bridesmaid, then the stress of finding a dress for your bridesmaids can be a deep fear of yours. Finding the perfect dress that everyone will agree on is sometimes an impossible feat.  Between strapless, one shoulder, long or short, the styles are endless and your patience, well… not so much. Here is your solution, not every bridesmaid has to match! Find dresses that complement one another and work for each other’s body type. Sound overwhelming? I promise it’s not and here’s why.

TwoBirds bridesmaid dresses offer the style you and your bridesmaids are looking for. Their Classic dress can be worn 15 different ways and is offered in 3 length choices- short straight, short butterfly and ball gown. You can be sure to find the right dress for your wedding in this dresses 20 stunning color options. These include the perfect spring pallet of peacock blue, jasmine, butter yellow, Kelly green along with so many more!

two birds

Image Courtesy of TwoBirds

Looking for something with a pop of texture? Then their Rosette chiffon dress is what you’re looking for! This dress also offers 15 unique ways to be worn and wrapped, and is available in five length options. Slip into this dainty dress yourself for your reception or offer it as a stand out dress for your maid of honor.

tow birds 2

Images Courtesy of TwoBirds

If your wedding calls for something more relaxed then their High-Low dress is the perfect spring/ summer option.  It comes in two length choices to pick from and 13 stunning shades. This dress can be accompanied by a matching belted sash or left loose and flowing for maximum comfort.

To view images click here.

Sometimes brides can be hesitant in ordering dresses online. I completely get it! Will it fit right? What if the color isn’t what I thought it was?  Well luckily TwoBirds has already made all the right accommodations for a worry free bridal experience. You can order dress samples and color swatches in advance to make sure it’s exactly what you want before you pull out your wallet. Think is can’t get any better? Brace yourself! Another great bonus to TwoBirds dresses are their wide variety of accessories.

-          Matching bandeaus for added coverage

-          Groomsmen ties

-          Flowergirl dresses

-          Personalized bridesmaids cards

-          Personalized thank you cards

To view images click here.

So take the stress away from finding a single dress style that “fits all”. It’s a myth anyways! Give your bridesmaids the option to look and feel beautiful in a dress made for them.

Friday favorites: The timeline aisle

Most little girls — myself included — have been dreaming about walking down the aisle in beautiful white gown, since the moment we realized Barbie® had a wedding dress. Before long, we had the bridal march fully committed to memory, and our dolls averaged three to four weddings a week. We were professional wedding planners by age six! But now, for some, the real wedding planning has begun. Choosing between flowers, music, food, and managing every last detail can quickly become stressful and at times, overbearing. But regardless of all that, you still cannot wait to walk down that aisle.

This Friday Favorite grabbed my attention instantly, and I couldn’t let an opportunity pass from sharing it! The timeline aisle is a great way to share exciting milestones you and your fiancé have made to get to this point with your guests. Create a custom aisle runner that includes how you first met or your first date. As the runner approaches the alter, include other fun memories you both have shared. Incorporate fun pictures of trips or events you both experienced together to see how your love has grown over time. Add in important and sentimental events like your first kiss and first “I love you.”

At the end of the runner, where you both will stand during your nuptials, add “Get Married” and include the date. This is a great way to complete your very own timeline aisle! Make it a fun project to work on with your bridesmaids, because on your big day this will be one craft project you won’t want to miss out on having. Get creative and have fun with it!

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 


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