9 Rose gold engagement rings to fall in love with

We’ve loved yellow gold; we’ve worn silver; been in awe of platinum; and even took a leap of faith with white gold. Selecting the perfect precious metal for your engagement ring is a big decision. Not only are there aesthetics to consider, but also the strength and longevity of your ring. Not all metals and alloys are created equal, so finding the right one for you should be an important topic to research prior to any purchase. If you have found yourself wandering down the fabulous path of a rose gold engagement ring, but aren’t 100% sure it’s where you need to be, don’t panic! Get inspired by these nine gorgeous rose gold rings and embrace something a little different!

Trends move on and rotate back again in cyclical yet re-inventive patterns that seem almost predicable but, what ever happened to our beloved rose gold? Is it the unique color that we have become afraid of? Maybe it’s the shear trendiness of it that worries future brides in fear of having a dated ring just a few years down the road? Can’t we all just take a deep breath and remember how fabulous rose gold is?

”When you’re not happy, what good is gold?”

We’ve probably all heard that old saying before, and while it holds a lot of truth, I firmly believe they left rose gold out on purpose.

Why are we loving rose gold so much right now? For starters, how often do we scan the pages of Pinterest looking for that “something different” kind of thing? The thing that you can’t wait to show off and revel in its uniqueness. The thing that makes everyone around you silent for a moment, because they are all secretly jealous that they hadn’t found/ thought of it first. A rose gold wedding ring is that thing! It’s different, it’s warm, and has a color completely unique and unto its own. When Blake Lively showed off her rock complete with a rose gold band in 2012, many were left speechless at shear gorgeousness.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Take a look at these rose gold engagement rings to find some inspiration of your own! No matter what cut the diamond is when paired with a rose gold band and setting you’re sure to have a truly unique and on of a kind engagement ring.

Emerald Diamond

Cushion Diamond

Round Diamond

Oval Diamond 

Princess Diamond

Asscher Diamond

Pear Diamond

Marquise Diamond 

Radiant Diamond


All Images Courtesy of Pinterest 





Why not sleeves?

Shopping for a unique wedding dress can be a stressful process right? With all the different shades of white starting to look the same, sometimes it is difficult to find a unique dress. Have you ever considered sleeves? Yes sleeves! They are a perfect and unique touch to add on your special day.

We’ve all seen Duchess Kate Middleton’s wedding dress with sleeves. You might have flashbacks of the puffy sleeves in the 80s early 90s, but there is no need to fear. Having sleeves is no longer for brides who just want to be modest. Having sleeves gives your wedding dress that extra charm and allows you look timeless.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

With different lengths, styles, fabrics, beading, even detachable sleeves, every sleeve is different and unique like every bride.

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 


Off the Shoulder

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Cap Sleeve

7d16b616634ee7965e902dd275f155f5Image Courtesy of Pinterest 


Short Sleeve

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

¾ Sleeve

Image Courtesy of Pinterest 

Long Sleeve

Image Courtesy of Pinterest

Brides, you have UNLIMITED options when it comes to sleeves! Break from current tradition and go back to the traditional sleeves. When trying on dresses make sure to try on some sleeved dresses!





Rent a Bridesmaid Dress

Groomsmen rent tuxes, so why don’t bridesmaids rent dresses? Usually women get stuck paying for dresses they’ll probably never wear again. Let’s be honest with ourselves: how often have you worn that bridesmaid dress sitting in your closet? You know the one I’m talking about that you thought to yourself, “I’ll just get it shortened, so I can re-wear it.”

Chances are you never got the dress shortened, and it’s still hanging in the back of your closet. Maybe you didn’t like the color or the neckline wasn’t flattering. Whatever the reason is, Vow to be Chic is here to help! Vow to be Chic is a place you can rent designer bridesmaids dresses online saving you time, money, and energy.


Vow to be Chic helps brides pick out a dress or dresses for her bridesmaids online. Then, the bridesmaids send in their measurements. Then a few months before the wedding, the bridesmaids will get the dress in two sizes to try on. Once the fit is confirmed, both of the dresses get sent back to Vow to Be Chic, which will then send out the dress just before the nuptials.

Images Courtesy of: www.vowtobechic.com

Revamped Radiant Orchid

When Pantone® revealed last December that the 2014 Color of the Year was Radiant Orchid, excitement filled the pages of nearly every bridal magazine and website. We loved seeing all the different ways brides incorporate this rich and vibrant color into their wedding décor.

With the complete transition to summer in full swing, I was interested in finding out how brides have transformed this color to fit the new season! Here are a few of our favorite finds — what we feel would work perfect in your Brazos Valley wedding.

We love the way these brides used Radiant Orchid as the main color choice in their bouquets.  The vibrant contrast between a white wedding dress and the flowers really allows the color to pop! This is a great idea for summer as brides with wedding and reception locations ranging from gardens to beaches.

orchid bouquet

From simple to extravagant, any centerpiece can be made instantly more elegant through the use of incorporating Radiant Orchid color. Glass, gold, and iron all pair seamlessly with Radiant Orchid, making it the perfect choice for your ceremony décor.

orchid centerpiece

Create the perfect place setting by adding individual flowers in Radiant Orchid. Accent it with other complimentary shades, or simply let it stand alone to make the perfect color statement. Remember that this color can work great with both warm and cool color pallets!

orchid placesetting

Visit any of the wonderful florist shops in the Brazos Valley to see what options are available for you and create your perfect Radiant Orchid wedding!


All images Courtesy of Pinterest

Friday Favorites: Blush Tones

There is a certain fascination we have culturally with the idea that a wedding dress should always be white or ivory. For years, wedding dress designers have brought pops of color into the mix; trying desperately to changing our perspective of what a “traditional” wedding dress should look like. No one has done a more successful job at achieving that than Vera Wang.

“I see myself as a true modernist. Even when I do a traditional gown, I give it a modern twist. I go to the past for research. I need to know what came before so I can break the rules,” 

         -Vera Wang 

Why do we love the idea of wearing a wedding dress that isn’t white? Well, for one, it’s different. After all, it is your special day. You can make as big and dramatic of an entrance as you want! Secondly, your dress should be a reflection of yourself and who you are. If your personality doesn’t exactly jump for joy at the thought of an all-white wedding dress, then don’t wear one.

But if you find yourself torn between loving a blush colored wedding dress and breaking your poor mother’s heart for not wearing white, here are some options to consider. Blush tones can be worked into nearly any color theme. A beautiful dusty rose encrusted sash, ballet slipper pink earrings or shoes, and soft mauve bridesmaid dresses can bring the perfect dash of blush into your wedding.

If you are still not satisfied then follow Vera’s advice. (After all its Vera Wang… She is the queen of bridal gowns!) Break the rules and go for a blush-tone wedding dress.

There is something overwhelmingly ethereal and romantic about wearing the color blush. It is, at its best, the essence of femininity and a timeless classic. It alludes romanticism and offers a sense of delicateness unparalleled to any other color. Paired with pearls, diamonds, or rhinestones, the magic of wearing a blush gown can make any bride feel as if they are in a modern day fairy tale.

Blush Tones

Here are a few helpful tips to keep in mind when searching for the perfect shade of blush.

  • Fair skin with cool undertones – Baby pink blush or soft rose blush.
  • Fair skin tone with warm undertones – Golden apricot or light peach blush.
  • Medium skin tone with cool undertones – Rosy pink blush.
  • Medium skin tone with warm undertones – Sun-kissed apricot, soft coral.


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